Palak Pa-Not-R


TU B’Shvat Sameach!


It’s probably too early to already be diverting from the original intent of my blog, but since it’s Tu B’Shvat (Jewish Earth Day/New Years for the trees), I thought I’d share a little something.

Do you ever think about trees? I do. Sometimes, when I see a really big tree with a thick trunk and branches so high it hurts to look up at them because of the sun, I think about what that tree would have to say if it had eyes, or could talk. What would the ginkgo tree outside the Michigan Union be able to tell us about Kennedy’s declaration and creation of the Peace Corps? I bet that there are some  trees in Boston that would be able to tell us who really fired the shot heard ’round the world. Once you get past the fact that I actually know what kind of tree is  outside the Union, it’s a pretty interesting idea if you think it through. Too bad, as I learned today, trees are mostly dead cells! Read the rest of this entry



Secret Ingredient: Black Beans and Chickpeas! 

Inspired by one of  Michael Pollan’s golden rules “eat as much junk as you want, as long as you make it yourself”, here goes my first blog post!

My mom sent me a recipe a short while back for black bean brownies, attached was a message “let me know how this goes”. Since I had offered to make lunch for some friends this weekend, I figured what better time to try!

I had planned on not telling anyone the secret ingredient until after they had taken the first bite, but my excitement was too much and told everyone about my version of special brownies.

The recipe I tried to follow was simple enough–3 eggs, some sugar, a can of black beans, and cocoa powder. Once I had already started mixing, I saw that we didn’t have any cocoa powder left. Too late to run to the store, or borrow from the neighbors, instead I substituted with some “nesquick” (you know for a nostalgic purposes)! I blended the ingredients together, and it turned out to look more like black bean chocolate milk than brownies. So I opened a can of chickpeas and blended some of those in as well. Then I threw them in the oven, and hoped for the best! Read the rest of this entry

Welcome to “The Secret Ingredient”!


My mom has been telling me for years that I need to start a blog, and my friends are always laughing at the weird food ideas I have.  But, I never thought I had an idea that was gripping or normal enough to join the blogging world. Then yesterday, while I was making black bean brownies, it came to me!

Why not let everyone know about the surprise ingredients that I put in my cooking? Since I’m a vegetarian I’m always looking for ways to get a little extra protein, and it usually turns out that desserts are a fun and unconventional way to put them in! I love looking at new recipes and putting my own spin on them to make the fresh and unique. So there you have it, “The Secret Ingredient” is born! I hope that in reading my blog, you’ll think of ways to make your favorite recipes a bit more special, and maybe even be brave enough to try one of mine!