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Beta-Carotene Cake


grated carrots and potato I’m a vegetarian/wannabe vegan, I always get asked if I take vitamin supplements. I don’t, and I never have in over a decade of eating this way. I suppose I could pop a couple pills every morning, but if you can get all the vitamins you need in CAKE, why would you want to get them from a manufactured capsule?

This cake could otherwise be known as carrot cake with sweet potatoes, but beta-carotene just sounds so much better. Don’t you agree? Beta Carotene is found in many of the red, yellow, and orange fruits and vegetables we eat. It is an important source of vitamin A, and can help improve your eye-sight, keep your skin from sunburn, and help prevent cancer. IN A CAKE! Read the rest of this entry


The Revival of The Secret Ingredient

Cropped Mo

Myself and Mo Rocca!!

Last week, I went to a fabulous event featuring fully grown men and women telling stories about their grandmother’s cooking and were transformed into children, standing as sous chefs on stools. Despite the various backgrounds of these bubbie’s–from super Ashkenazic Holocaust Survivors to Carla Hall’s Southern Mama–one thing held true throughout each story teller’s nostalgia, the dishes made hearty by love and the statement, “I wish she had written down the recipe for me”.

This prompted me to think of two things:

1) What recipes should I start asking for from my grandmothers, and;
2) What are my future grandkids going to think about MY cooking?

I could just see them standing on the same stage 50 years from now telling stories about me, “my grandmother made the world’s best black bean brownies”, or “my grandmother could put lentils into anything”.

And so, with a sudden burst of the desire to preserve my recipes for my non-existent children, and their even more non-existent children, I decided it was time to revive The Secret Ingredient. Read the rest of this entry