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Pizza Pizzaz


College is over, and my roommates and I had been celebrating by eating and drinking everything was left in eyesight. Fun as it was, in my few short weeks at home, I wanted to be far away from beer and cheesy bread. I admit, I didn’t come up with this recipe on my own–but I saw it and made it, and how many people attest to that!?

I made this recipe for my family, which if you remember from my first post, is five members with five different eating habits. One sister won’t eat non-Mozzarella cheese, one loves feta cheese. I like tomatoes, but my mom doesn’t. And of course, there is the ‘dad test’. My dad will eat just about anything, as long as it’s American food. That’s why this pizza-in-disguise is great, it satisfies my entire family’s quirky eating habits, even my dad’s.

The process is super simple, and relatively fast. It tastes great, and just like regular pizza, you can make it the way you love it. With sauce or without, spinach and tomatoes, onions and peppers, mushroom and olives–whatever satisfies your soul. The best part is, you don’t have to feel guilty about having seconds or even thirds because this pizza is super healthy, my family even went out for ice cream after!  Plus, it has none of the carbs or shady ingredients that you might not know about in take-out pizza. Don’t let this recipe be one you read and never try, it’s totally worth it!

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