Welcome to “The Secret Ingredient”!


My mom has been telling me for years that I need to start a blog, and my friends are always laughing at the weird food ideas I have.  But, I never thought I had an idea that was gripping or normal enough to join the blogging world. Then yesterday, while I was making black bean brownies, it came to me!

Why not let everyone know about the surprise ingredients that I put in my cooking? Since I’m a vegetarian I’m always looking for ways to get a little extra protein, and it usually turns out that desserts are a fun and unconventional way to put them in! I love looking at new recipes and putting my own spin on them to make the fresh and unique. So there you have it, “The Secret Ingredient” is born! I hope that in reading my blog, you’ll think of ways to make your favorite recipes a bit more special, and maybe even be brave enough to try one of mine!


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